The Amazing Transformation of one Butt Ugly old radio into something thats hard to stop looking at!

This is the work of Peter Henstridge and shows just what can be done if you can think out of the square a little.

Pasted Graphic
Well here it is, they really don’t come any worse than this.

An Amazing Transformation!

One Sweet Chassis!

Here, in Peters words is what he has done to make his unique Radio.

1/    The chassis was fully stripped , where I replaced all valves with new / old stock,
        caps where done, as with all wires cloth rewired
2/    Cloth wire was used to fully rewire the radio , with cotton turns on the valve leads
        and power cords
3/    All brass hardware , nuts and bolts where buffed and sealed.
4/    The valve cans where re sprayed as close to the original Blue , '' didn't think they
        had a metallic paint back then '' which where rusty and made of steel.
5/    The caps are aluminum , where I buffed them as well , and sealed , as they
        where Blue as well where I could have sprayed Blue if I want to later.
6/    The other two caps where buffed as well, which where painted , '' The size of
        pressure can caps.
7/    Variable cap was cleaned in Caustic Soda
8/    Dial lamp was a rebuild with all brass and copper fittings s buffed and sealed
9/    The rectangle boxes in Blue is power packs , where RED and BLACK is 2 x 135
        packs and GREEN and YELLOW are 2 x 6 VOLT rechargeable 7 amps packs for
        memory where I have bolted to the chassis. The 135 pack was bolted to the base
10/    The speaker I rebuilt , rewired , all hardware buffed and sealed with repo
        power cord. The Brass rings x 2 I cut , drilled , made 5mm ferrels for spacers
        With the speaker grill which is basically aluminum fly screen , where I
        sprayed , made a stencil up and sprayed R.G.B. '' Radio Gram Bloke '' with the
        rubber extrusion, for what they use in cars around the doors . The rings is where
        I went for the art deco look.
11/    The wood Is American Oak, where the base is 25mm thick,  the surround is 5 mm
        thick, with the Acrylic 8 mm thick. The wood I stained In Australian Walnut
        which is a typical 20 -30 s look stain.
12/    The Brass Face plate has been engraved , where I used a porcelain paint and
        Baked .
13/    The Brass Screw head bolts , are typical 1930's , where I found a box of them
        they also have a very fine groove around the head , which just gives that little bit
14/   I used some Gold pin stripe , as High lights , where I think it sets the radio off
15 /    Im currently making up a small compartment where I have bought some volt and amp fob watch style gauges where these will be attached in American Oak to The
        135 volt pack , with Brass bolts etc