AWA Radio
47 York St. Sydney

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Limited (AWA) was Australia's largest and most prominent electronics organisation undertaking development, manufacture and distribution of radio, telecommunications, television and audio equipment throughout most of the 20th century. After the sell-off of most of its assets and operating divisions, these days AWA is primarily an ICT services company.

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AWA Circuit Diagrams

Empire State Mabled ivory AWA. The Ultimate Aussie Radio.

1940s AWA Bakelite Radio
Green AWA Bakelite
Jade Green AWA Bakelite Radio. Almost as pretty as a US Catalin!

Pasted Graphic
Workers at AWA's Ashfield, NSW factory in 1936.

AWA Radiola 510 Bakelite Radio
1947 AWA Radiola 510. Sold for AUD$360.00. Jan 2009

AWA Radiola 80
"Radiola 80"
Six valve battery operated, screen grid model, housed in a modernly designed cabinet.
"Extract from 1930 Advert"

AWA Radiola 90
"Radiola 90"
A console model six valve, all electric, screen grid receiver, with built in A.W.A. moving coil speaker.
The cabinet is artistically designed and beautifully finished.
"Extract from 1930 Advert"

AWA 7 Band Radiogram
AWA 7 Band Radiogram. Model 803 GZ

AWA Duoforte 90
"Duoforte 90"
An eight valve screen grid model designed for the reception of broadcast programmes and the playing of gramophone records.
Housed in a beautifully grained and exclusively designed Queensland maple cabinet.
"Extract from 1930 Advert"

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