Teisco Amplifiers

Teisco produced numerous models of guitar and bass amplifiers which were often sold under the Checkmate brand name, but also named Teisco or Silvertone. In the 1950s, early amplifier models were very basic 5-10 watt tube/valve designs. During the 1960s, more advanced and powerful models were offered, such as Checkmate 25 and Checkmate 50, featuring dual channels, reverb and tremolo effects. Teisco also made solid-state (transistor-based) models, some designed no less radically than their guitars of the time. The Sound Port 60 (60 watts/RMS) and Sound Port 120 (120 watts/RMS) amplifiers from the late 1960s were copies of Fenders Silverfaced Vibro Champ and Twin Reverb.

Teisco 88 Amplifier

Teisco 88 Amplifier. 2 12AX7's, 2 6AQ5's, 6AV6 and Rectifier.