Why The eBay Links?

Why the eBay Advertisements is a question i've been asked many times, so here's the explanation.

This site was primarily designed around being a One Stop Radio Shop, where one can call in, hopefully find the circuit diagram they are looking for (free of charge), check out some of the old advertising literature for their particular brand, view some sets of that brand and then, if they desire purchase a set from eBay. Every eBay box on every page has been tailored to deliver specific radios of that particular brand. If there is no radios on offer of that brand, it will show the most popular listings in the "Radio" category. The eBay boxes on each page also allow readers to find out what their radio set is worth. Old radios, as with everything else second-hand on the planet are only worth what someone is willing to pay, and eBay being the largest marketplace on earth, will give you a very accurate assessment of what your item is worth.

Do I receive any revenue from these eBay adverts? Yes, i do. If someone purchases an item through one of the links on my site, or signs up to eBay through a link, I receive a small commission, which over the course of the year will pay for the Web Site Hosting and Domain Name registration. Naturally, the more people who buy through these links, the more payment I receive, and the more encouraged I become to add more content and information! I think its pretty much a Win/Win for everyone. I enjoy doing the Site, the web surfer gets free information, and due to eBay links it is self sufficient and costs me nothing but time.