126-130 Grant St. South Melbourne

Astor Radio Corporation was an Australian radio manufacturer that began operations in 1926. Astor were based in South Melbourne. Astor was considered to be progressive by offering radios in a variety of colours compared to many other firms that offered the standard wood cabinets. Astors greatest claim to fame may have been the fact they conflicted with the huge Walt Disney Company for naming one of their radios the Mickey Mouse. Legal action soon bought the use of Mickey Mouse logo to a screaming halt!
Astor later took over the radio firms Eclipse and Essanay. During the 60s Astor were amalgamated with Pye who were eventually swallowed by the giant Philips company.

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Circuit Diagram And Info On Astor Mickey Mouse BE Chassis
Circuit Diagram For Astor Model 55 DB Chassis
Circuit Diagram For Astor Model 66 A.V. Chassis DD-A
Chassis Diagram For Astor Model 77 Chassis DE
Circuit Diagram For Astor 88/89 Chassis Type DC
Circuit Diagram And Info On Astor Mickey Grand DH Chassis
Circuit Diagram And Info On Astor Aladdin GA HB 550
Circuit Diagram And Info On Astor HM/AHM 5 Valve D/W Radiogram

Astor Mickey Mouse (less the Mickey in the centre of the dial)
1937 White Astor Mickey
1937 White Astor Mickey

Super desirable Cream Bakelite Astor Mickey!

Astor Mickey Valve Radio
Astor Mickey in Blue
Astor Mickey Radio
Astor Mickey in Teal

Green later model Astor Mickey

1950s “Retro” Astor

1948 Astor “Baby” Football

Astor JN Valve Radio
Astor JN Harbour Bridge


Astor “Presto” from 1939

A bland little 1950s plastic Astor

1950s Advert For The Astor range Of Receivers

Advert For Astor Barclay Television. June 20 1962.

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