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Can anyone help?
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I'm a semi-retired Kiwi Radio Engineer with experience dating back to the valve era.
I was given your website by the good folks of Ferrymead in Christchurch NZ where I have been fixing some old sets while on holiday from the UK.
While there I purchased an old HMV 6 valve set that needs some TLC. The valve line-up is KTW63 RF, 6J8GA Mixer, KTW63 IF, 6Q7 det, 6F6G AF out and 5Y3 rect.
It would be nice to find a circuit diagram for it but if not I will have to turn it upside down and trace it out! I wonder if you could help to identify the chassis/model number?
I've attached two pictures of the chassis taken when the unit was disassembled for cabinet restoration work. Ferrymead believe it is an Australian made unit dated around
1937/8. There were labels attached to the unit with the following numbers. MP 4410, G084 364 and 94303.

Since I wrote the email to you I have been trawling some sites here and one seems to shed some light on the model number.

The initial valves fitted at manufacture seem to be W63, X63, W63 DH63, KT63 and U50 according to a label I noted on the cabinet.
That info ties up with data on giving the likely model from a group numbered
653, 663 670 and 1101 which all have similar chassis.
Wonder if you have circuits for any of those model numbers?


Pasted Graphic

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