Ultimate Radio Ltd. Auckland, New Zealand
Australian Distributors, George Brown & Co. 267 Clarence Street Sydney
Not Australian made, but many were sold and serviced here. Top quality Radios!

1950s Green Ultimate Mantel Valve Radio

"Multi Wave Mantel"

* Full Bandspread Short Wave
* Anti-Drift Devices
* Electric Eye
* 8" Rola Reproducer
* Specially suited to outback and tropical conditions, where reception is usually difficult. Can be fully depended on even under the most adverse conditions. Investigate the "ULTIMATE" before you make a decision-there is not a better set made
*"Extract from 1942 Advert"

"Ultimate Electric Console"

798 verified radio stations were received on a standard Ultimate receiver- A world record! An Ultimate was used by R.E. Byrd at the South Pole; the Australian adviser to the B.B.C.depends on an Ultimate. Ask the leading Shortwave Experts and Technicians about Ultimate performance-thats proof! Obtainable in 8 and 10 valve Electric console; 7 valve Dual wave vibrator console; 6 and 8 valve Dual wave Electric mantell and 7 valve Dual wave Vibrator mantel.
"Extract from 1941 Advert"