Peter Pan
If you're after a classic Peter Pan Valve Radio, then click on the eBay box below, and you can see what is currently being offered.

1940s Ivory Bakelite Peter Pan
1940s Timber Peter Pan
One of the last Peter Pan models.

Peter Pan Model 27

"Tinker Bell"
3 valves. The mightiest tiny radio of them all. A light as a feather, compact 3-valve radio, ideal as a second radio. Strong moulded cabinet in walnut, ivory and cream.

By far the best portable on the Australian market. 5 valves, 8" speaker, inbuilt aerial, long life Minimax batteries plus a side attachment for the external use of heavy duty batteries for playing as a regular radio.

"Highlight Series"
Available in 4, 5 or 6 valve format.Safety sealed cabinet, inbuilt on-off switch, self contained inbuilt carry handle. A beautiful receiver giving the finest in selectivity and sensitivity.

Four Valve broadcast mantel. Phantom valve for 5-valve performance.Speaker dial for improved appearance. On-off A.C. switch incorporated in set. Totally enclosed safety sealed cabinet.