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, electrical safety info (Please read!),
How we deal with your personal information. All information you provide to us which is personal to yourself will only be held and used only for the purpose of replying to communications from you. We will never sell or give your personal details to any third party without your specific pemission. Our website collects information via the google analytics program. Google analytics records how this website is found and navigated by visitors. Google uses this information to develop its commercial products.The Google analytics information is of a type that does not identify the actual person who visits the site. This site also uses cookies. Cookies are an aid to your browsing experience where information on how you previously interacted with the website are recorded and stored on your own computer in a "temporary internet file" called a "cookie". Cookies record some information on how users use the website, but do not allow anyone to identify you or your personal information. This website has advertising provided by showing on the pages. Google uses cookies as part of its advertising system. Cookies are in universal use in almost all websites on the internet and the internet would not work as efficienly as it does without them. If you do not want cookies used when you browse the internet you can have them disabled on your computer.


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