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Terms of Use
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, Electrical Safety Info (Please read!),


Antique and Vintage elecrical and electronic equipment was manufactured in the pioneering days of electrical consumer goods. The electrical safety standards applying to the equipment were very basic. Accordingly the protections that apply to modern day electrical equipment powered from the mains supply were not built into antique and vintage radio equipment. It was expected that people would have to fix things themselves sometimes, and so Antique and Vintage radio set construction allows easy access to the internal wiring at high voltages. These voltages are lethal. That is, while the radio is connected to the mains power, if you touch the high voltage electrical wiring or components inside the radio with any part of your body, you will receive an electric shock that could kill you. Unless you know what you are doing, attempting to restore an old radio is very dangerous. Also, after the mains power is disconnected, the capacitors used in the old radios can store an electric charge which can give a potentially lethal electric shock. As experienced technicians know, these capacitors must be discharged before it is safe to work on electrical equipment even if disconnected from mains power.
Your use of and access to all the information on this website is offered on the condition that you acknowledge you have received full and complete disclosure of the serious dangers inherent in owning, operating and repairing old radios. If you do not have the qualifications, knowledge and experience to know how to work safely on old radios, you must not do it yourself. You can find electronic technicians who can do the work for you, and many professional restoration services for repairing vintage radios.

None of the content of this website should be construed as suggesting to you or encouraging you to restore or work on antique and vintage radios or other equipment yourself. The information on this website is provided as an aid for suitably qualified and experienced technicians to do that work. It is an essential term of using this website that any and all legal issues arising from use of this website will be resolved under the legal jurisdiction of the state of New South Wales in Australia.
More electrical safety info (Please read!)

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