Clark Rubber: Grommets, rubber feet, rubber tube, rubber edging.
Brian Smith's Wireless Workshop: cotton wire, cotton covered mains cable, capacitors resistors, dial cord, dial scales.
WES components: Dial cord, alignment tools.
Lee Bros (Paramatta): Imperial screws.
Information and help: Historical Radio Society of Australia:
Transformer Rewinding: H.R.S.A. members.
Information: Ray Robinson
Information: Ian O'Toole. <>
Circuits: H.R.S.A. or the AORSM circuits CD.
Vibrator Handbook: Mallory 1947

A.O.R.S.M. Australian Official Radio Service Manual
NIFTY a cleaning product which removes dirt and grease
WINDEX a cleaning product that cleans glass
ESTAPOL a clear paint or lacquer
WD40 a cleaning and lubrication product
CRC a cleaning and lubricating product
DEOXIT a switch cleaning product
H.R.S.A. Historical Radio Society of Australia
ARTS&P a license label that was issued each year (can be used to date the radio)
FIGURE EIGHT a type of wire which has a cross section like the number "8"
VARIAC a variable AC transformer
LT Low Tension
HT High Tension
A.V.C. Automatic Volume Control (now called A.G.C. for Gain)
I.F. Intermediate Frequency
R.F. Radio Frequency
A.F. Audio Frequency
Q a measure of the Quality of a resonant circuit

Australian Vintage Radio